grow your small business online

5 Ways To Grow Your Small Business Online

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to put into growing their small business online. In reality, you can do a lot with little or no money at all. All it takes is the rightful efforts and imagination.

Today, I’m going to go show you how to grow your small business online. You can start right now and begin boosting the future of your business on the Internet.

Here are five tips to grow your small business online business.

1: Grow your small business with Online Marketing

grow your small business online

The Internet is filled with your potential customers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, you need to reach out to them on social media through online marketing.

Now, contrary to popular belief by many people, you can run advertising campaigns on a small budget.

Yeah, with programs like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, you can set your pricing, audience, targeted keywords and more.

Google AdWords even offers free advertising credits to new advertisers. Also, Bluehost, a trusted and highly recommended WordPress web hosting company also offers free Google AdWords credits with any of their hosting plans.

You need to take advantage of this by buying your web hosting from Bluehost now.

There are several social media marketing strategies you can start using right now to boost your business. Such as;

Facebook and Instagram ad

Every business needs to have a Facebook business page because you cannot run an advert on Facebook and Instagram without having a Facebook business page.

Facebook and Instagram are home to over 3 billion monthly active users, as you can see, the market is huge.

Google and Youtube ad

Google is the biggest search engine in the world with billions of inquiries daily and YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world it has over a billion active users watch videos every day.

Twitter ad

Twitter is home to 500 million people and it is a huge market place to run an ad. Can’t you see you have a better chance of reaching more potential customers?

Use your social accounts to keep people updated on offers, your opening hours, or simply to answer questions about your products.

What’s more, if people enjoy the service you provide they are likely to review or rate your company, which in turn creates a more trusted profile that is likely to earn you further business.

2: Grow your small business with Google My Business Listing.

grow your small business online

One of the first things you should do right now is to start using Google My Business. It’s a free platform rich with data while making sure your local customers know where your store is located.

If you don’t have your business listed in Google, you’re missing out. Because of how local searches operate on the search engine today, people in your area may never see your business listed in the results page.

Better head over to Google My Business and do the needful now.

3: Grow your small business with a Business Website

grow your small business online

Every small business needs a website, a website is like a store/a shop where a business owner can display her products and services, write her product and services descriptions, collect data and share information about her business.

Also, customers can place orders on the website. You can use your business website to keep people updated on offers you run currently, your opening hours, or for booking appointments.

A website is no longer a luxury but a necessity for standing out and growing your small business online.

Most importantly, a mobile responsive and fast loading website will keep your customers coming back for more.

Have you got a website? If not, now is the right time to have one. Contact us today.

4: Grow your small business by Networking with other Businesses

grow your small business online

Great use of your time and effort is to network. Forming a symbiotic relationship with another business can offer excellent rewards. One of which is getting your small business brand in front of consumers who may not know it exists yet.

Networking takes nothing but the effort on your behalf. This involves reaching out to other businesses or entrepreneurs who are in your industry but not exactly competing for the same buyers. A lot of large corporations join forces simply to expand their reach.

For example, look at most non-proprietary smartphone manufacturers. Samsung partners with Google to create Android phones. This gives Samsung an operating system while letting Google run the software. Both companies benefit from each sale.

Google reaches Samsung fans and Samsung reaches Google fans. It’s a win-win for both brands.

To grow your small business online, you need to network. It doesn’t have to be deeply involved or vast as Samsung vs Google. If two companies can benefit one another, then offering a network is ideal for all parties involved.

Now, start thinking of businesses you can join forces with. Think, there are many out there that you can network with.

5: Grow your small business with Offline Marketing

grow your small business online

With all the recent raves about the internet and digital age, sometimes, we tend to forget the power of offline marketing.

Yeah, every small business needs offline marketing to grow.

Offline marketing includes billboards, flyers, business cards, posters and word of mouth (referral).

  • Billboards are erected in strategic places to display and direct customers to your business premises.
  • Business cards and Flyers contains brief information about your business and your contact information too.
  • Posters are similar to Billboards but unlike Billboards, Posters are smaller and can be displayed at any locations.

The best offline marketing strategy is word of mouth by satisfied customers. Make sure your customer service is exceptional and go the extra mile when you can. Your customers will not only remember the great customer service, but they will also be more likely to refer other people to you.

Nothing beats a recommendation from a satisfied customer. It is pure gold.

In conclusion, I hope this article helped you understand how to grow your small business online. You may also want to read how to start your business against all odds.

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