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People say high converting sales funnels are very costly. You know… rumours. What we know is that we spent the last 3 years providing affordable high converting sales funnels. All so you can have a better relationship with your customers and increase your daily sales.
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6 Reasons Why You Need a Sales Funnel For Your Business

Customers are wiser and more sophisticated nowadays:

Let me tell you this. Your ideal customers are more sophisticated than ever before. They do their research online and take the time to weigh their options. So, selling isn’t as simple as sending people to your products/services page and telling them to buy. A sales funnel provides you with the sophisticated sales process you need to convert your sophisticated customers.

You find it hard getting repeat sales:

Many sales models are a buy-and-done type of marketing. With sales funnels, the initial purchase is just the beginning. Do you know that returning customers spend 3x more than one-time buyers? Seriously, you should have a sales funnel, which will let you upsell and retain your customers. With a conversion-focused sales funnel, you can significantly increase the lifetime value of your customers.

You are struggling to be strategic in business:

Sincerely, you can become very strategic when you build a sales funnel into your business. When you do not have one, and only market to people based on guesswork, then, you are leaving serious money on the table. Building out a sales funnel will help you be strategic with your marketing efforts and help you measure the progress you make in each phase.

People do not always buy things immediately:

When you run Ads for your services/products and people sees it, what happens when they are not ready to buy right now? With a sales funnel, you can have their email address, often by giving them value for free. Then you can continue to render value to them, and keep your business at the forefront of their mind until they are ready to buy.

Your business is not seen as trustworthy or an authority:

One of the features of some sales funnel is an email autoresponder. This is an automated email series that goes out to your new subscribers. It allows you to introduce yourself to them and provide incredibly valuable content. Gaining their trust will give your potential customers a big incentive or reason to buy from you.

Your sales are not consistent:

Having a sales funnel allows you to avoid always chasing the next sale. When you build a sales funnel into your business, you will be able to put your marketing efforts on autopilot and get new customers consistently. Your sales will become much more consistent.

Does your business has this problem?

What is a Sales Funnel?

I bet you must have heard about Sales Funnels but do you fully understand what they are? They can be different things to different folks, but let us look into it once again and see if we get a full understanding of it. Sales funnels are a strategic process of making a sale. Every funnel consists of many actions your customers take to make a purchase.

The goal of a sales funnel is pretty much self-explanatory – it drives sales. Whatever it is that you do, the sales funnel is there to help you get more customers. From the awareness stage to the interest/decision stage to the decision-making stage and finally to the purchase stage and beyond, a sales funnel is there to automate the process and make it easier for you to sell more with less effort.

Design and build once. Gain trust from customers.
Save money and time. Market easier and faster.
Upsell and earn more. Support your customers.
Eliminate inconsistencies. Automate your sales

Above is a sales funnel we built for a prolific entrepreneur and action taker like you

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What happens once you have your well-designed Sales Funnel?

We are a supportive web design agency. We’ll help you to adapt, grow, and optimise. So, you’re not alone with your new power tool.

Anthony Chinedum
Anthony Chinedum
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Norwebs worked on my website and the experience is amazing. Customer service and support was so on point . I recommend them for any web design job. Did I mention that they are badass coders? Thanks norwebs for your service.
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Esther Reuben
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Darlington is doing a wonderful work with Norwebs. He worked on my business re-branding and I noticed a lot of positive changes. Yeah, it was fun working with him too. Thanks and keep it up.
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Norwebs was the designer that I used for the design of my site. They did a great job. I would say on my part that I am highly pleased with the work.
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Chibikem Osuji
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Quick and smooth delivery in terms of service and a very friendly customer reception. I will highly recommend.
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Chiamaka Caroline N.
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Their designs are exceptional and they are prompt in their delivery. They equally pay attention to your instructions, give you their professional advice and give you the best.
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Mazi Chinonso E.
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Great designs...top notch customer relationship...and unmatched eyes for details... great job guys...

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