6 Tips to Choose and Buy the Best Domain Name For Your Business

I know that choosing the best domain name for your business is important for your success. Choosing the wrong domain name can hurt your business brand and SEO rankings. That’s why it’s very important that you choose the best domain name from the very start.

While starting out, it can be hard for you to come up with these names, that’s why in this article, I will be sharing all the tips and tools you need to generate domain name ideas, choose the best domain name, and register it.

First, what is a Domain name?

best domain name

A domain name is the address or URL that people type into their browser to get to your website. Examples of best domain names are DesignRush.com, Norwebs.com, Google.com

Please, don’t confuse it to a web hosting.

A domain name is different to web hosting as the latter is where your website lives, or let’s say “your shop” in the offline scenario, while the former is simply “your shop” address.

You may ask, why are domain names important and why will I care to choose the best domain name.

Alright, think of this…

Why is your shop or business address important?

You see? (I guess you get the point now – in SirWhite the billionaire’s voice)

It all boils down to these;

  • It makes you and your business accessible.
  • It adds credibility to you and your business.
  • It helps you build a brand around your business.

Now, there are varieties of domain name extensions to choose from, how do you know which one is the best domain name for your business?

My simple answer is to use the .com extension if it’s available. I say this because .com is 33 percent more memorable than websites with other domain extensions.

If the .com extension is not available then you go for .net or .org versions.

.org is traditionally for non-profit businesses like NGO.

So if it isn’t appropriate for your business, then you go for .net

Lest I forget, if you are a small business in a certain location, registering a country domain name like .ng or .uk might be a logical move.

Yea, good for SEO too.

Now that we know what a domain name is and also have seen the various options we have when choosing the best domain name, let’s look into how to come up with the best domain name.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it…

Check Domain Availability

best domain name

You can use websites like whois.com to determine if a particular domain name you want to buy is available.

If the domain name is taken, it is better you look for an alternative name.

Don’t go and start adding things like “shop”, “9ja”, “ng”, “the”, “kilode”, “egusi”, to the domain name as this can cause a few issues for you.

One, if the website with the main domain is already very popular, you may find it difficult to rank yours.

Secondly, the domain name may have a trademark and you could get sued for having a similar name.

I have said my own… He that has ear let him hear what the…. (You know the rest…go and ask your lawyer).

Research Your Business Niche

best domain name

Yeah, do some extensive research on the best domain name you saw or came up with. Failure to do so may results in “had I known

You know why? Google do penalize some domain names. It might be that the domain you bought has been bought by someone else earlier on, and it was penalized by Google at that time, which made the person to leave the domain.

Now, you saw the domain and starts jumping up that you just got yourself the best domain name. haha…

You know what will happen when you buys it?

Your website won’t be able to appear on Google. Probably, nowhere to be found on Facebook too.

“Of what use is a lamp hidden under the table?” Jesus Christ asks you.

So, first thing, use this link ismywebsitepenalized.com to check if the domain name is penalised or not.

Check For Trademark Before Buying

best domain name

I know most of you people don’t think of it, but it is very “importanter”

I know why I am saying this. Before, they use to say that the world is a global village. Today, we say that the world is so small. Tomorrow, we might say that the world is just a dot.

You should always check for trademarks before buying a domain name.

Yeah, take for example, doing a Google search for “Facebook trademark” or “Thinktank trademark” will give you an idea whether the word is trademarked or not.

Buy The Best Domain Name When You Finds it

best domain name

Tick tock says the time, what you have to do, do quick…

You remember that Sunday school’s rhyme? No, sorry I mean nursery school rhyme.

What am I even saying?

Simply put, your perfect domain name could be snatched up pretty quickly. Avoid sitting on a domain name too long. If you finds the best domain name and your instinct tells you this is the best domain name for your business brand, buy it.

Listen, you won’t like the feeling of missing out. Yeah, I have been there..

Now, let me tell you a secret.

Norwebs.com wasn’t the original domain name I planned on having for my web design agency. There is this sexy, and honey dripping domain name I found but I was dillydallying.

Then the day I came around to buying it, lo and behold, someone else has bought it.

I felt like this life is not worth it anymore. Anyways, I can’t kill myself o… But it was painful.

It struck to my heart like a dart thrown by a master marksman to a target. It struck deep, and for days, I can’t see myself.

When you find the best domain name you love, buy it fast.

Buy The Best Domain Name Your Ideal Customer Will Love

best domain name

After all, your customer is your boss. So, try and see that the customer is happy with you.

Otherwise, you are packing your bags to village, straight.

Do you know about this website called DesignRush? By the name alone you already know they are into designs. Yeah, you are right, they are a design agency directory where you can meet your favorite digital agencies and hire any to work on your projects.

Do you know about this website called bestbuy.com? Best Buy tells you as a customer that you can buy the best things here.

Okay, let’s come home…

You know about Shoprite, right? Just look at the name, it’s a perfect example of the best domain name. If you see how these ladies pronounce it eh…guy man will just faint…haha…

Shoprite tells you as a customer that you can shop the correct and rightful things you want.

In all, it is important to understand your target market before you choose your domain name. This involves market research, and speaking to your ideal target audience.

It can help you shape how your customers think, and how you can instill trust within them for your brand through identifying the best domain name that means something to them.

Make Your Domain Name Brandable (And Soundable too)

best domain name

Don’t even ask me what is soundable… I dinno-know. But you see eh, some domain names, when you hear it, you will just faint.

I mean, what is this itzmusik4lovnaijaNg.com? Can someone tell me what that is? Mehn, local man is not doing again…

Just pronounce these names with me… Google, Facebook, Amazon, Norwebs

Creating your own brand name like these will take a bit more creativity but it is worth it.

Sure, doing this will cause you to work harder to educate people on what your business brand does. With a unique name, you can assure that you’ll rank at the top of search engines when people look up your brand.

Best Places to Buy The Best Domain Name

best domain name

The problem is that there are too many domain registrars on the web that you get overwhelmed at the best one to go for. It’s important you choose carefully because it can be difficult for you to move your domain name to another registrar, later on.

Domain name prices ranges from $9 to $24 depending on the registrar you use, but I am going to show you how to get it free of charge.

You should know that a large number of web hostings also offer domain registration as a service. And some of them offer free domain registration when you buy new web hosting from them.

If you’re starting a new business website or you want to migrate to a better, fast, and reliable web hosting, then it’s a smart idea to take advantage of this offer and get your best domain name for free.

Won’t it be nice?

Bluehost is offering you over 60% off web hosting, free SSL certificate, and a free domain name:

Important clue you need to know…

Bluehost is one of the oldest and biggest company when it comes to web hosting registration. Also, they are officially recommended by WordPress.

They are simply your best option and a lot of people are already taking advantage of this and that’s why Bluehost is powering over 2 million websites worldwide.

Yeah, you heard me right. So, why not take advantage of it now?

I hope you learnt something new? i hope you can easily find the best domain name for your business now?

Alright, tell me in the comment section. I wanna hear your questions and thoughts.

In my next post, we will look into “Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Domain Name”

Until then, one love keep us all together…

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