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12 Case Studies Analyzed Taught me These 5 Key Insights in Conversion Optimisation

Recently, I took it upon myself to understand why some of the clients I built a website for ended up not getting enough sales as they wanted to.

Sure, my designs are highly functional, so what is still missing? I went in search of more knowledge and personal self-development, then realised something.

This is too huge to fit into a single post. The insight I got deserves it’s own place, maybe to convert it into a digital product or something.

You know, everybody is selling eBook these days… but hell no, I am giving it out solely free of charge so you can learn with me and achieve success.

You see, before I went on to analyse these case studies, I thought I knew a whole lot about web design, conversion optimisation, and lead generation.

But like so many things in business and life, there was so much more to learn.

Then I decided to create an email series around what I learned. By taking the time to analyze and create this, it kinda opened my eyes to many hidden secrets…

It allowed me to see proven patterns (and bottlenecks) towards converting more sales, leads, and email subscribers.

And the best thing is that right here on this post, I am going to share with you 5 of these profound conversion insights you can easily implement on your business website and turn it into a lead generation machine that will bring you more sales.

As you will see, they are very easy to understand and simple to copy.

But before I spill out these 5 hidden insights let me quickly say something about the 12 Case Studies Email Series I created free for you.

The 12 Case Studies Email Series

This case studies are truly hard to come by for some reasons I will tell you in a bit. This case studies are very unique in its ways and took me a total of 65hrs to analyse them, learn it by heart, and then break it down in simpler, easier way for you not to waste your time or get confused, and achieve results with it.

Alright, here are 3 good reasons why I said this Case studies are hard to come by and that you won’t find something like this free of charge.

It’s statistically credible

The case studies inside is not just speculations or theories. No, the optimisation insights you will learn from it are built on the proven scientific principle that is backed by real data gotten from a period of rigorous testing to know what works and what doesn’t.

Very easy to learn from

I made sure the chosen case studies has something for anyone, no matter your industry or niche. Most importantly, I make a simple-to-understand analysis of “why they work” and “how to copy” and implement on your business so you don’t waste your time and money.

Easy to implement

The conversion insights outlined inside these 12 case studies are so clear that even a complete novice or beginner can understand and implement. Most importantly, they are highly actionable. And if you want more sales from your funnel, all you have to do is apply them to your own business website.

So if you want to dive deep into these optimization case studies, I encourage you to click here (The 12 Case Studies Email Series) and see for yourself.

Alright, let’s dive into the 5 key insights I learned from studying these 12 conversion optimisation case studies.

5 Conversion Optimisation Insights From The 12 Case Studies Email Series

I am about to spill out everything I learned and found true.

Conversion Optimisation #1: Your Call-to-Action appearance, location, and copy matters a whole lot

As I was studying these conversion optimisation case studies I start to see things that we usually ignore, but that actually makes all the difference.

Here are the 3 things I noticed about call-to-action buttons from the case studies I analysed;

  • Changing the generic copy of your CTAs leads to 36.3% additional sign-ups
  • Changing the CTA and your homepage length results in 73% more leads
  • Changing your CTA button’s colour results in 35.81% increase in sales

But hey, that’s not all there is to it. I found out that other little conversion optimisation changes can as well result in massive results.

Conversion Optimisation #2: Listen to, Focus on, and build for your customers

The truth of the matter is, the better you can understand your customers and incorporate their feedback, the better chances you will convert more to become your customer.

For example, in one conversion optimisation case study, the business improved their conversion rate by 64.8%. They did that by incorporating customer feedback into their homepage redesign.

Don’t just go to a web designer and request for a pretty website, listen to your customer, see what they are telling you and design for them.

And an easy way to listen to your customers, know who they are, and what they want, is by;

  • Integrating a heatmap tool like Crazyegg or Hotjar to your webpages. That way, you get to see what your customers are really doing when they land on your sale funnels.
  • Grab that phone and call some of your customers. Yes, call them, talk to them, understand who they are, what they really want, why they bought from you, and what their pain point is.
  • Conduct a survey on your website to gain more insights. Ask specific questions and take note of the most popular answers.

I promise you, when you do these things, you will be shocked at the information you will uncover, and when you implement those changes, and not just designing pretty websites blindly, you will just sky-rocket your conversion and sales.

Conversion Optimisation #3: Small Changes can give you Big Results

Just like the slang “small girl with a big God”… Small changes you can make in your sales funnel carries big results.

Yes, I noticed this when I was analyzing these case studies and learning from them. You may not need big changes that will cost you more time and money.

Some of the small changes I have seen that carries big results were things like; adjusting a headline copy, replacing an image with another one, changing the location of your CTA.

But here is the thing…

It simply doesn’t matter whether you do a big change or a small one. Any changes, whether little or big, can sky-rocket your sales funnel conversion.

It’s not how long a particular task took you to implement, but how well you implemented it.

Conversion Optimisation #4: I came across the 11 laws of Sales Funnel

In my search for knowledge, self-improvement, becoming a better web designer, and analyzing these conversion optimisation case studies, I came across something very interesting and weird also.

You may think laws are only discussed in Physics and Biology, but you are wrong. There is something called the 11 Laws of Sales Funnel and I am about to share it with you below;

  • Law of Visibility – If it is not seen, it won’t sell. Very simple.
  • Law of Confidence – Customers likes popular or trustworthy things.
  • Law of Repetition – Say it again, and again. Never relent but don’t be uncool in the way you do it.
  • Law of Clarity – Be clear (not clever) in your copywriting so you can convey understanding.
  • Law of Friction – Difficulty, or distraction holds customers back from converting.
  • Law of Alignment – Match potential customer preferences (personalization 101).
  • Law of Loss – Customers act more often based on potential losses than potential gains.
  • Law of Maximization – Customers want to maximize their benefits if the risk of losses is mitigated.
  • Law of Emotion – We buy for reasons unrelated to value like a desire for status. Touch people’s emotion.
  • Law of Scale – To grow bigger (i.e. more website traffic), you must leverage that which already has distribution.
  • Law of Range – Presenting the same offer different ways, or having different pricing packages, means more sales.

So, here you have it but know this…

Growing your leads, or sales is much easier when you see the big why behind every success story analyzed in the 12 Case Studies Email Series.

Conversion Optimisation #5: You want it fast and instant? Make it easy, make it seen, make it clear

That’s just it. This is the last but not the least conversion optimisation insight I learned in my search for more knowledge, self-improvement, and becoming a better web designer, so I can help you build effective digital solutions that will bring you leads, increase your sales, and make you happier.

This last insight is just borrowed off from the 11 laws of Sales Funnel that we talked above. And it stands out above others and is one of the major areas you will not want to neglect in your small business.

  1. Law of Friction – Decreasing website friction was a key factor in growth. This is often achieved by listening to, focusing on, and building for your customers. Yea, we have discussed this in insight #2 above.
  2. Law of Visibility – Increasing visibility for a key element (e.g. a CTA button) was a key factor for growth. We discussed this in more details in insight #1 above. Nobody lits a lamp and hid it under the table, but on top so that it shines light to everyone.
  3. Law of Clarity – Increasing clarity was a key conversion factor because your customers need to know what they’re buying and why it is valuable to them. Just make it simple but not simpler.

Now, the good news here is that it’s very easy to implement these things on your sales funnel and start seeing huge results.

Here are the things you can do straight-away and take advantage of it;

  • Delete distracting content in your sales funnel
  • Make sure the CTA and other important stuff get seen.
  • Make sure people understand what you’re offering and what to do next.

Here you are! Don’t say I didn’t pour out my heart, brain, and mind to you.

Of course, you’re going to need to learn from other small businesses that did these conversion optimisation right and increased their sales. So, I created this 12 Case Studies Email Series where you will see how these small business owners got over 200% increase in their sales funnels

  • What they did
  • How they did it
  • And why they did it

Most importantly, how you can easily copy it and achieve similar success in your sales funnel.

Do you know that the best things in life are actually free? Take for example the breath you take in. That’s why this email series is freely done for you.

Just click here now (12 Case Studies Email Series) and I will see you inside.

PS: If you found the conversion optimisation insights I shared with you in this post valuable, then you will definitely love the 12 Case Studies Email Series.

PSS: With this awesome case studies in your arsenal, there is no need for guesswork. Just copy what the data tells us because it’s already proven to work.

Very simple. Click here (12 Case Studies Email Series).

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