You Can Startup Your Small Business Against All Odds

Yeah, you can really start up your small business no matter the situation. That’s how real entrepreneurs always start! How? Where? Who?

Please, can you calm down a bit? Too many questions already.

See, the world is overflowing with possibilities and opportunities, but our career and life are finite. This tells you that we have limited time to search deep within ourselves and find out what we want in life. Then, let’s go and make our mark on this good old world.

Just get this business started, because there is no time. Just do it. Yes, you can!

But if you felt like you can’t, or that you aren’t qualified enough, or that something is holding you back, or that that… know… Nigeria is hot these days… My uncles all failed their promise… No way, am not risking my money… Damn, I don’t even have a university certificate… God knows I have no money left…. bla..bla..bla

Hello, sir. Ok, hi my dear sister, do I even ask you to tell me all this? All I asked you is to read this short article below. Simple. Is that too hard?

Ok, let’s roll…

Do you know Pierre Omidyar?

startup your small business

Do you know that eBay started as a small auctioning website called AuctionWeb in 1995? The founder, Pierre Omidyar, wasn’t so sure about what he wants in it. The vision isn’t clear, yet he persevered and now eBay is one of the top eCommerce sites in the world.

Have you heard of Howard Schultz?

startup your small business

This is a young marketer working for a Coffee bean roaster in Seattle. He went to Milan one day and the entrepreneur in him fired up when he noticed that Milan doesn’t have Coffee shops like it was in Italy. And that’s how Starbucks was born.

Ok, you don’t even know Konosuke Matsushita?

startup your small business

Who said that going to university is a must before you can make it big? Do you know that Panasonic was founded by Konosuke Matsushita, a Japanese, with no formal education? It all started when he was 23 years old as an apprentice at Osaka Electric Light Company. The company formally called Matsushita Electric, which changed to Panasonic in 2008 is now worth $66 BILLION!

But I guess you have came across Steve Jobs?

startup your small business

Yea, Jobs is a dropout and yet the founder of Apple Inc, how come? Do you know he worked himself out all day and night to actualize his entrepreneur dream? We all know him and how innovative he is. He just remodelled and renovated products that are already with us to something we haven’t seen or thought of.

Just start your small business now!

startup your small business

Seriously, like Pierre Omidyar, you don’t need a clear vision before you kick off your small business from the ground. It becomes clearer as you go.

You need to be like Howard Schultz and look around you, solve problems that matter to people around you, and make your money.

Brother, my dear sister, it doesn’t matter if you stopped at elementary 6, what matters is your skills. Do you have something people want that you can offer? Be like Konosuke Matsushita and throw away that first-class certificate. People don’t cook soup with certificates!

And if you think that money is your problem for not starting up this your small business, think again. Steve Jobs and I are living witness that money isn’t everything! If you need oil, and you have yam, find someone that needs yam and has oil.

Get this f**king business off the ground. Place it on a Jet, and guide it to fly and soar high, because if wishes are horses, beggars will ride!

Now here are break down of things you need to get your small business startup off the ground;

Things you need to startup your small business

  • A positive mindset.
  • An entrepreneur spirit.

That’s all. Yea, what more are you expecting? We at Norwebs have already taken care of the rest for you!

  • We will discuss with you the kind of business and brand you want to build and show you the best way to go about it.
  • We will brand your business with bespoken colours, logo design, business card design, I.D card design, marketing flyer design, your brochure design, and your letterhead design.
  • We will build a business website for you and make it easier for your would-be customers to find you and buy from you.
  • We will craft out an effective digital marketing strategy you can use to keep bringing new customers to your business.

It will amaze you how easier it gonna be for you to start up your business when you ride with us.

Just do it now.

Yea, just send a message across to us from here Contact Us and you will see how easy it can be for you to start up your small business.

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