365Carers are a team of full-time home care specialist carers who moves in to the home. We designed their website to make it easier for their customers and others to get to know about them and contact them.


My name is Darlington Okafor, a web/graphics designer and the founder of Norwebs Designs. We simply want to do one thing and do it best, and that thing is; Digital Branding, and to help small business owners to build up their brand, easily, and affordably.

Darlington Okafor - UI/UX Designer

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365Carers are a UK’s leading introductory live-in care agency, that match you with the most relevant carer to your needs and circumstances. They contacted Norwebs Designs and we did a bespoke design for them.

Firstly, we strive to understand who their typical customers are and then create a design experience that will resonate with them. We choose the teal color and dark navy blue colors because it shows trust, care, and reliability which is what 365Carers is about.

Secondly, we used red color as the accent color for the buttons. This is necessary to spur action on the website, which is for customers to contact them, or for new visitors to get a good elder’s home care. Also, we made sure there is a clear call to action button above the fold.

Thirdly, we created a page for nurses and elder carers who would want to join the 365Carers team. This page gives a clear information of what is expected of the person before she applies. Also, we created other pages to give returning customers as well as new visitors an easier access to current information regarding 365Carers services.

Fourthly, we made sure the website is mobile responsive and appears fine in any device you view it on. This is necessary because most people browse through their smartphones nowadays. We took great care in the speed of the website and made sure we minimized the size of images and codes, and used a reliable web hosting company.

In all, it is a great experience working on this project. They loved it, and we got a chance to showcase our expertise on the web.

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